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4 Benefits of Massage Therapy

A person receiving a back massage

A massage is purely relaxing form of self-care during a spa day, but it also serves a greater purpose. It is believed that ancient cultures used massage therapy to cure many illnesses and ailments. Recent research found that massage therapy may address certain issues by alleviating your symptoms of illness, exhaustion, and sadness. Massage therapy provides some of these benefits that can help you in your lifestyle outside of the spa.

Stress Reduction

The benefits of massage go far beyond alleviating tension. Having a massage allows you to disconnect from your stresses, whether at work or at home. Many studies have shown that massage increases the levels of pleasure hormones, including oxytocin.

Besides lowering stress, massage can also lessen physical stress symptoms such as stiff muscles, tension headaches, and tense shoulders.

Improve Pain and Muscle Soreness

When you have damaged muscles, a massage will allow the release of contaminants and help stretch compressed or twisted muscles. A study found that real-world massages cut chronic back pain by 50%. Besides treating sports injuries with massage, massage is also used for muscle soreness, fatigue, and injury prevention.

Improve Circulation

When pressure is applied, blood is pushed into congested areas, and when this pressure is released, fresh blood flows in. This process clears metabolic waste from muscles and organs, reducing blood pressure and improving body function. The massages help to flush lactic acid out of the muscles and boost lymphatic circulation.

Better Sleep

The American Massage Therapy Association has compiled several studies showing that massage improves sleep in babies, teenagers, adults, people with mental conditions, and medical conditions including cerebral palsy, and those with breast disease. A massage is soothing, and when serotonin is released during a massage, it releases melatonin. In response, your body slows down, resulting in a drop in tension, pain, and blood pressure, along with a rise in serotonin production, which helps you relax and fall asleep.

As a bonus, massages help you improve your posture. When your muscles are relaxed and loose, you’ll find that you can find a more comfortable sleeping position.

Prioritizes you – Set an appointment to spend time on your self

Despite popular belief, massage can actually help you with maintaining your well-being, whether you have a serious health issue or just want to relieve stress with an indulgent spa day. Get started on the path to wellness by booking your first spa appointment today.