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6 Things To Consider Before A Major Hair Color Change

A variety of hair colors displayed together

Having seen celebrities change their hair color often, you may want to change things up with your own hair. Perhaps you want a bold hair change. You might even feel a bit scared if you’ve never dyed your hair before. It’s tricky to get your hair the color you want, and color maintenance is necessary.

You can change your appearance with a good hair dye job, but before you go to the salon with an Instagram picture of your desired hair color, consider these six factors.

Does the hair color complement your eye color?

Because eye color influences the tone of your hair, as well as your skin tone and hair, most women choose new hair colors complementary to their natural complexion and eye color.

For example, dark burgundy contrasts well against blue eyes as well as deep chocolate brown hair. If you have deep brown eyes and warm skin undertones, go for golden brown, coppers, or earthier shades of blonde.

Why are you doing this?

Do you want a fresh look after going through a major life challenge, or are you looking to cover up your greying hair? Do you want to turn heads with a shocking new hair color? Whatever your reason may be, make sure you can commit to your new hair color and be able to maintain it.

Can your hair handle a major change right now? How healthy is it?

Changing your hair color will certainly make a difference in your life, but changing your hair color frequently, using the wrong hair dyes, and heat styling it on top of dyeing it may all do serious harm.

One way to test if your hair is healthy enough to handle more dye is to take a part of your hair closest to the ends of your hair, add water, and see if it absorbs the water. If it takes longer than 10 seconds, then your hair is healthy enough for a hair dye. Otherwise, if it doesn’t, it’s not ready yet and you may need to include moisturizing masks in your haircare routine.

Are you prepared for the financial and time commitment to get your hair that color?

The price range for highlights varies anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on what color you choose, the products the salon use, and other factors. Call them and ask them about their prices for dying your hair. They can ask you to come in for a consultation to see if they can work out something with you. It may take you several sessions to achieve some shades, especially if you wish to go blonde despite having black hair.

Are you ready for the maintenance, upkeep, and products needed to keep your hair looking good?

When considering a major hair transition, it is important to research exactly what you’re signing up for. The natural color of your hair may need to be protected with additional products, especially if you decide to drastically change your hair color from its natural shade. If you have any doubt, ask your hairstylist for their advice.

Are you prepared to talk about your hair for the next few months?

When you change your hair color dramatically – such as a neon or pastel shade – expect to receive many comments and stares. It will take 4-6 months for you to outgrow this hair. You need to be at ease with it and have the confidence to pull off the look.

Commit to your new hair color

Don’t go for a drastic change without going for a consultation and making sure you can afford the care and upkeep of your hair. Once you commit, remember to walk confidently with your new hair color.