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Bang Maintenance: Things to Think About Before Getting Bangs

Asian woman having her bangs cut

Are bangs right for you? Given how popular bangs have become lately, you may consider them for yourself. Here are some things to consider before you decide.

Can you get your bangs trimmed regularly?

For your bangs to look their best, it may be necessary to get them trimmed as often as every 3-6 weeks, as a little bit of growth can make a huge difference in how your bangs hang and appear around your face. Getting regular cuts will help you maintain the length and shape of your bangs and help you avoid the awkward in-between time. Do not, however, cut them yourself.

Does your lifestyle match up with having bangs?

If you aren’t able to get ready on time for your first morning meeting or Zoom call, you may need to reconsider if you even have time for bangs. Many hairstyles with bangs require more than just air drying to keep your bangs looking good.

If you struggle with hair in your face when you work out, longer bang styles might be frustrating for you. If you have very oily skin, the fact that your bangs may pick up oil from your skin might be a reason not to get a style with bangs.

Are bangs going to look good with your hair texture and face shape?

You can’t automatically assume that just because a celebrity or an influencer looks good with a blunt fringe, it will work for you. Bangs must complement your hair texture and face shape, just as with all hairstyles.

Find out what kind best suits your texture, whether you have fine, straight hair or thick, curly hair. You can go for curtain bangs, bold, heavy bangs, wispy bangs, swoop-bangs, and more.

Have you ever had bangs before?

Before anything else, what motivates you to get bangs? Have you recently undergone a major life event (such as a break-up or a job loss) and need a drastic hair change? Your stylist can recommend a change in your hairstyle that may be more temporary in nature, if you want a change, but aren’t ready to commit to something that will have to grow out if you no longer want them.