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Woman applying dry shampoo

If you don’t wash your hair often, then you should start practicing dry shampoo usage now.  Dry shampoo has become a staple in every woman’s beauty kit due to its ability to add volume to hair without using shampoo and conditioners. While it does wonders for your hair, it also helps you save time and [...]

A person receiving a back massage

A massage is purely relaxing form of self-care during a spa day, but it also serves a greater purpose. It is believed that ancient cultures used massage therapy to cure many illnesses and ailments. Recent research found that massage therapy may address certain issues by alleviating your symptoms of illness, exhaustion, and sadness. Massage therapy provides some [...]

A variety of hair colors displayed together

Having seen celebrities change their hair color often, you may want to change things up with your own hair. Perhaps you want a bold hair change. You might even feel a bit scared if you’ve never dyed your hair before. It’s tricky to get your hair the color you want, and color maintenance is necessary. [...]

Woman with long hair and a barrette

While growing out your hair, it may be challenging for you to figure out how to style your hair. However, it’s important to remember that the in-between stages are temporary and your desired hair length and style is at the end of the journey. Because hair grows about roughly a quarter to three quarters of [...]

massage therapist giving a client a massage

May 1st is Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day, a holiday since 2014, which most people don’t know exists. If you’ve never received a massage, take advantage of the day and schedule a massage. Massage isn’t just lying on a massage table in a relaxing spa, though. Besides Swedish massage (the most common type), there are massages [...]

Hair extensions being added

With a wide variety of hair colors and lengths, it’s no wonder why hair extensions are so popular. Hair extensions can give you the look you want without the commitment. Styling your hair extensions is simple, but maintaining them at all times is important. If you don’t maintain your hair extensions properly, they could start [...]

Palette of hair colors

Do you want to change your hair color, but don’t know what hair color works best for you? That seems to be the case with a lot of the choices available nowadays. There are a few things you need to know if you are changing your hair color for the first time. Skin tone Your [...]

Brunette with long hair

You can boost your self-confidence greatly by switching up your hairstyle. When choosing a new hairstyle, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind. Keep your facial profile in mind You want to give the illusion of an ideal face shape with the style you choose. Do you want to hide a facial [...]

Asian woman having her bangs cut

Are bangs right for you? Given how popular bangs have become lately, you may consider them for yourself. Here are some things to consider before you decide. Can you get your bangs trimmed regularly? For your bangs to look their best, it may be necessary to get them trimmed as often as every 3-6 weeks, [...]