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Carmen Ureno

Massage Therapist

Carmen UrenoCarmen has been a Therapist for 20+ years. Her skills include Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology and Myofascial Release with focus on Spinal Disorders. She specializes in Medical/Oncology and Pediatric Massage, including those who suffer with Trauma/PTSD. Having lost her father at age 10, she has a deep connection to treating cancer patients and their caregivers. One of Carmen’s strengths is her ability to establish trust, and to calm and soothe her clients prior to even beginning their treatment. Her clients include all ages, as well as teens and pre-teens who are experiencing the devastating effects of “text-neck”. After years of practicing in the West Coast originally, her family has transplanted to the Midwest. She and her husband love to keep busy outdoors and with artistic hobbies at home with her three children and her grandson.

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