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Choosing The Right Hairstyle for You

Brunette with long hair

You can boost your self-confidence greatly by switching up your hairstyle. When choosing a new hairstyle, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind.

Keep your facial profile in mind

You want to give the illusion of an ideal face shape with the style you choose. Do you want to hide a facial feature? Perhaps bangs or an angled cut can help with that.

Think about the features of your face you want to be more noticeable. A strong jawline and cheekbones stand out in particular styles. If you don’t have an obvious face shape, your focus may need to be on hair texture and thickness rather than face shape.

There are a lot of other factors to think about as well, including your eye color, height, neck length and build, so think about all these when choosing a hairstyle.

Check out the latest hairstyles online

Look at the Instagram accounts of celebrities, TV shows, and singers, as their recent hairstyles have a massive impact on hairstyle trends. The possibilities are endless, and you just might find your next favorite hairstyle! Be aware that your stylist may not be able to replicate your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle for you due to your hair’s texture, thickness, and the way it grows.

Consider your hair’s texture for a hairstyle

You can use that to your advantage. You might use it to build volume in certain areas or relieve those certain areas of excessive volume.

Getting the proper cut for your hair texture may be more beneficial if it is very fine or very curly. Remember that everyone’s different, so you don’t have to follow every beauty guideline.

Decide your own unique hairstyle

Ask yourself: is my overall style edgy, or am I subtle and sweet? Let your hair reflect your aesthetic.

Think about your lifestyle. You might be a nurse who wears their hair up a lot at work. You may work at a desk job that requires you to look down frequently to type. You may want something you can easily put into a ponytail or a bun, or you might need something requiring very little styling, maintenance, or products. Each style has its own requirements to look its best. Your stylist can discuss the pros and cons of styles your interested in and can help you determine what will work for you.

Enjoy your awesome new hairstyle

There may be a certain cut depending on your hair type, face shape, body and lifestyle. Ask your stylist what suits you best and don’t be afraid to speak up if it’s not what you want. This way, you can work together to create a fresh look for you that will make you feel amazing.