Atlas Genetics: Services

Level 0, 1, 2: NutriGenomic Counseling and Health Coaching

15 min initial/30 min/60 min sessions available

Sign up for an in-person consultation to tackle your personal health, fitness, lifestyle, foods and supplements goals. Our NutriGenomic specialists will be with you every step of the way to support, motivate and guide you to success. NutriGenomic counseling and Health Coaching offers help and hope for every health concern, including:

  • Managing an illness or chronic illness
  • Pain management for your back and/or joints
  • Improving digestion and bacterial flora
  • Improving anxiety, depression, bipolar highs/lows, migraines, and memory
  • Conquering eating issues, lose weight and increase your metabolism
  • Increasing your energy and well-being​

Level 3: SWAMI Epigenetic Analysis

​SWAMI GenoType III is a state-of-the-art, personalized, epigenetic diet analysis based on tens of millions of calculations using proprietary software. Utilizing a variety of data, including your biometric data and serologic markers, SWAMI GenoType III offers a professionally designed, individualized diet plan, including hundreds of recipes that are customized for you. The best part about SWAMI GenoType III is that we are also able to combine up to four different SWAMI analyses for family meal planning purposes.

Level 4: Opus23  Genetic Analysis

We offer our clients the Opus23 DSL clinical genetic testing and analysis. Unlike any other DNA test on the market, Opus23 DSL uses the most advanced artificial intelligence to allow clinicians unique insight into patient genomics. Opus23 DSL reports on over 5,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) or variants in one comprehensive DNA test, which we incorporate with the latest medical literature to provide relevant information on nutraceuticals, supplements, diet, and lifestyle interventions that can proactively influence a patient’s SNPs to reduce or prevent disease risk. Furthermore, pharmacogenomic results included in the profile also allow us to predict the efficacy of select pharmaceuticals / prescription drugs tailored to the individual’s genetic and Microbiome make-up.

Level 5: Utopia Gut Microbiome Analysis (“just the gut”)

Utopia microbiome analysis features one of the largest and most robust data models currently available in clinical medicine. The cost includes the initial visit and one follow-up visit where we discuss the test results with the client, and offer dietary, lifestyle, and/or supplement suggestions.

Upgrade our Level 4 genetic package with the DSL Clinical Genetics Testing
for even more granular data

Combining today’s most advanced DNA testing with powerful AI insight provides access to high-complexity DNA testing, science, and current research to provide the highest level of information available.

Additional Assessments/Options:

  • Anti-Aging Full Analysis
  • Arthritis Full Analysis
  • Athletic Performance Full Analysis
  • BioTE Hormone – Screening for Low Testosterone
  • Breast Cancer Full Analysis
  • Colon Cancer Full Analysis
  • Prostate Cancer Full Analysis
  • Lung Cancer Full Analysis
  • Cancer Prevention Full Analysis
  • Diabetes / Metabolic Syndrome Full Analysis
  • Chronic Fatigue Full Analysis
  • Inflammatory Markers Full Analysis
  • Thyroid Health and HPA Full Analysis
  • General Wellness and Vitality Full Analysis
  • Weight Loss / Gain Full Analysis
  • Alzheimer’s Full Analysis
  • MTHFR Full Analysis
  • Factor V Leiden, Factor VIII, and other Thrombosis / Blood Clotting Markers
  • Pediatric Wellness Full Analysis
  • Vegetarian or Vegan Full Analysis
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, we have an absolute privacy service.
  • Home Intervention (3 visits: month 0, month 1, and month 3)
  • 6-month weight loss plan, meet twice a month, 13 consults total
  • 6-month gut microbiomic restoration, meet once per month, 6 consults total
  • Opus23, SWAMI, and a 6-month gut microbiomic restoration package

Atlas Genetics Club: Membership Benefits:

  • Free admission to Atlas Genetics Monthly Seminar (regular admission price: $40)
  • Buy 1 get 1 free supplement of your choice each month ($38 value)
  • 15% off all Atlas Genetics supplements (including #2 above!) ($20 value)
  • 15% of all Atlas Genetics packages (based on Level 4 + Gut: $82 value)
  • Private text hotline for genetic, general health, and meal planning questions ($65 value)

To schedule a free consultation, please call 217-714-6020.



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