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Hair Coloring

Our stylists operate on a tiered pricing system, based on the individual’s experience, training and creative expertise.

*Prices listed are base prices and can increase depending on time and/or extra color that is used. If you would like an exact quote, please feel free to set up a color consultation in the salon with the stylist of your choice.

New Growth Touch-Up: $45+
Single color application that focuses strictly on previous outgrowth.

All-Over Color: $65+
Single color application that is applied from scalp to ends.

Men’s Color: $58+

Full Foil (31+ Foils): $85+
Foil placement throughout the entire head including the underneath section.

Partial Foil (11-30 Foils): $57+
Foil placement throughout the top and sides. The underneath section is left out.​

Ombre: $150+
Ombre is a French saying meaning hair that is shaded or graduated in tone. Hair is dark at the scalp and gradually gets lighter as it nears the ends.

Balayage: $93+
Balayage is another French saying that means to paint the hair. Stylists “free-paint” lightener into the hair to give to a subtle, highlighted look. This is perfect for anyone wanting to experiment with going lighter.

Cap Highlight: $47+
A cap is used to pull strategically placed hair through to give the client a natural highlight. Typically done on short-haired clients.

Niophlex: $28+
Most chemical processes can be harsh, but by combining ground breaking Niophlex with traditional color and lightening treatments, damage to the hair is prevented even before they start. This adds bonds, elasticity, and strength, enhancing the quality of the hair.