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Fit Into Your Genes!

Say goodbye to fad diets and customize your weight loss journey with the latest technology in weight and fat loss, personalized to your unique goals and needs.

  • Genetic testing: Discover the best lifestyle for your DNA.
  • Food sensitivity: Test for allergies and intolerance to eliminate reactive foods.
  • Supplements: DNA-based supplements and nutrition guides.
  • Custom meal app: Customized meal planning app specifically designed for you and weekly online support from a certified coach.
  • Prescription medication: Options based on your needs and weight loss goals.

Plus, jumpstart your weight loss with lipo injections and lipo treatments.

Prescription Solutions For Weight Loss & Blood Sugar Management

For many people, injectable prescription medication can drastically improve their weight loss and blood sugar management efforts. We work with a compounding pharmacy to provide prescription injections that can help with weight loss when combined with a caloric deficit and exercise. Our plan is physician-supervised and includes a free physician consultation.

Lipo Laser

One of the most common health goals people share is weight and fat loss. Most of us would happily lose a few pounds or a few inches, if given the opportunity. To tackle the issue of stubborn fat or to enhance a structured weight loss program, we proudly offer the H2 Body Slim Pro LED Body Contouring Machine.

The H2 lipo laser is a non-invasive, non-painful procedure that utilizes low levels of visible red lasers to remove fat cells without surgery. Instead of surgically removing the fat, the lipo laser targets the fat cells just below the surface of your skin causing them to release water and lipids, which your body will naturally eliminate.

Low-level laser therapy can help patients eliminate cellulite, tighten skin, and lose weight and inches! On average, clients lose 2 inches per week and 5 inches in 10 sessions. Many clients will see results after the first treatment!

When combined with vibration plate sessions and a structured weight loss plan, the lipo laser can help enhance body shape, and fat and weight loss.

Here are a few of the ways lipo laser can help patients with weight and fat loss.

Reduced Cellulite & Inches

This study showed that red light therapy and exercise reduced thigh circumference in the thigh more effectively than exercise alone.

This study, and this study showed a reduction in waist circumference and overall body circumference after treatment with red light therapy.

Enhanced weight loss when combined with exercise.

This study showed that red light therapy enhanced the effects of exercise and improved metabolic markers in obese women undergoing weight loss treatment.

And this study showed more significant changes in body composition with a combination of red light therapy and exercise than exercise alone.

Lifestyle Management

If you’ve found it hard to lose weight, you’re not alone. Your genetic profile, food sensitivities, and nutrient deficiencies may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. DNA testing can provide valuable information about how your body utilizes the foods you eat and can help formulate an eating plan that promotes health and tells you which foods to avoid and which ones should be added in order to achieve your health and wellness goals.

We offer state of the art DNA and food sensitivity analysis to determine what your best eating plan should be for optimum weight loss and health benefits. We also offer health coaching and a personalized meal app to help you make better choices based on your goals.

We understand that a one size fits all approach to weight loss is the surest way to fail. So, we build a plan with you based on science and enhanced with technology to achieve your most optimum results.

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