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The 7 Best Reasons to Get a Massage

massage therapist giving a client a massage

May 1st is Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day, a holiday since 2014, which most people don’t know exists. If you’ve never received a massage, take advantage of the day and schedule a massage.

Massage isn’t just lying on a massage table in a relaxing spa, though. Besides Swedish massage (the most common type), there are massages that have an array of specific purposes, such as sports massages, which help athletes recover.

It almost works like magic. Every time you get a professional massage, you leave feeling so peaceful yet somehow stronger. It’s like you feel rejuvenated and get a new lease on life.

The benefits of massage therapy aren’t just anecdotal. Scientific evidence shows that massage therapy has long-term benefits, dating back years.

Interested in booking a massage? Here are seven reasons therapeutic massages are beneficial for you.

1.Therapeutic massage can help you cope with anxiety.

A massage may reduce your anxiety symptoms if you suffer from anxiety, according to one study. The sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system control the fight-or-flight response. For example, if you’re in an unfamiliar location, your sympathetic nervous system responds to it. In people with generalized anxiety disorder, a massage decreases sympathetic reactions and increases the parasympathetic response.

It has been shown that the effects of massage on decreased anxiety can actually last for months. People who received regular massages for six months to 18 months noticed they were no longer anxious.

2.Therapeutic massage can enhance your sleep

The heightened anxiety also magnifies the effects of lack of sleep. If you need some help to unwind, include regular massages in your wellness routine.

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, massage can help you sleep more deeply. When you get a massage, the nervous system slows down. It also reduces the levels of substance P (which blocks pain) so it does double duty if you have any aches.

3. Therapeutic massage decreases fatigue

The night had been a long one, work was extremely exhausting, and you hardly had the time to take a deep breath. Many people feel fatigued because they don’t sleep enough or because of some biological factors.

One way to find relief from fatigue is through therapeutic massage. Researchers learned that breast cancer survivors who had weekly Swedish massages experienced a significant reduction in fatigue. To get the most benefit from massages, try once per week according to the study. In addition, massage therapy was found to be beneficial for people who are deprived of sleep.

4. Therapeutic massage helps you relax after an intense workout

After you go through a challenging workout, however hard is that to you, you might feel like climbing just a single flight of stairs is like hiking on a multi-day backpacking trip. Massage is one of the best recovery tools for sore muscles after workouts, especially for elite athletes.

Many studies have shown that improved circulation by a massage can even protect against muscle pain the next time you work out. The next time you feel exhausted and your muscles are sore after working out, go for a massage.

5. Therapeutic massage relieves pain

Several studies on massage therapy have shown to help find relief from many types of pain, including low-back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and headaches.

However, if you want a massage for a specific injury, find an experienced, licensed massage therapist with extensive experience helping injured patients. They can best assess which areas of your body need a massage and which areas to avoid.

6. Therapeutic massage boosts immunity

You may benefit from a therapeutic massage if you seem to get sick often, such as a cold and other minor illnesses.

A 2010 study found that massage boosts the count of white blood cells, which are important in the body’s defense against disease. It also reduced levels of arginine vasopressin (AVP), a hormone linked to aggression and to the stress hormone cortisol.

7. Massages can improve flexibility and mobility.

It’s okay if you can’t bend all the way to touch your toes, but a massage can still help. Massage therapy allows you to move more freely through the joints by manipulating the soft tissues.

Research has shown that massage therapy promotes lymphatic drainage and relieves muscle tension. Researchers believe the benefits are because massage therapy causes vascular blood flow to the joints and lymphatic drainage.

The Takeaway

Unlike many medications, massage doesn’t have any adverse side effects. Going for regular massages can help you in so many ways

Your body will thank you for the extra attention. Not only do they feel good, but they can also boost your health and bring a better quality of life.

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